Our Year 12 graduates of 2020 have reinforced Golden Key’s tradition of academic success. Special mention goes to Gina Wang, Yifan Zhao, Le Jiang & Anonymous who achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. In particular, Gina has achieved an unprecedented SEVEN A+ grades with Merit awards for SACE.

Needless to say, 2020 has been a stellar year for our students. While we await results from all of our IB students, we can already confirm 12 students who achieved 99+, including Matt Yang achieved ATAR 99.90. More than 30 students achieved a perfect score for at least one of their year 12 subjects.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare students for success at university and beyond, whilst at the same time provide an engaging and rigorous education regardless of their starting point. In order to do this, our team of experienced teaching staff begin by helping students to identify their strengths and weakness, so that we can then tailor a learning program specifically designed to meet their unique needs. Our team of outstanding teachers and tutors provide students with inspiration, guidance, teaching resources and useful strategies to help all students achieve exceptional academic results.

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Golden Key Education is a professional tuition organisation which specializes in tutoring in SACE, VCE, IB, UCAT, Primary and Middle School grade curricula, as well as Scholarships. With locations in both Adelaide and Melbourne, we aim to help students' meet their unique educational needs. Our team is comprised of highly experienced Australian registered teachers, VCE/SACE moderators, university graduates with doctorates in mathematics and science, and high ATAR achievers. Within our classes, we help students engage with curricula through a variety of techniques, such as detailed explanations of content, summarising key learning points, assisting with and assigning homework, holding after-class Q&As, giving students personalised progress feedback, chapter testing and so on.

Golden Key Education is designed to empower students. Not only will we help students to significantly improve their academic standards, but we will also teach students to recognise the importance of learning, striving for and ultimately achieving their goals in life. We aim for students to have an enjoyable experience learning under the vibrant tutelage of our teachers so that students can ‘release their limitless potential’.