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About Golden Key Education

Golden Key Education is a professional tuition organisation which specializes in tutoring in SACE, VCE, IB, UCAT, Primary and Middle School grade curricula, as well as Scholarships. With locations in both Adelaide and Melbourne, we aim to help students' meet their unique educational needs. Our team is comprised of highly experienced Australian registered teachers, SACE moderators, university graduates with doctorates in mathematics and science, and high SACE ATAR achievers. Within our classes, we help students engage with curricula through a variety of techniques, such as detailed explanations of content, summarising key learning points, assisting with and assigning homework, holding after-class Q&As, giving students personalised progress feedback, chapter testing and so on.

Teaching Philosophy

Golden Key Education is designed to empower students. Not only will we help students to significantly improve their academic standards, but we will also teach students to recognise the importance of learning, striving for and ultimately achieving their goals in life. We aim for students to have an enjoyable experience learning under the vibrant tutelage of our teachers so that students can ‘release their limitless potential’.

Our mission is to prepare students for success at university and beyond, whilst at the same time provide an engaging and rigorous education regardless of their starting point. In order to do this, our team of experienced teaching staff begin by helping students to identify their strengths and weakness, so that we can then tailor a learning program specifically designed to meet their unique needs. Our team of outstanding teachers and tutors provide students with inspiration, guidance, teaching resources and useful strategies to help all students achieve exceptional academic results.


Specialties of Golden Key Education


Golden Key Education’s various courses are overseen by qualified Australian registered teachers who are also currently teaching in primary or secondary schools. Our professional team will prepare a variety of teaching materials and exercises for students every week.


Our group classes are divided into 3 levels each grade including Foundational, Standard and Accelerated. Students will be allocated to the most appropriate group level based on their entry test level. Each group has no more than 7 students to guarantee every student will receive the maximum benefit under our teachers’ guidance;
One-on-one VIP tutoring sessions focus on explaining key examination content of major subjects for ACER, Australian Curriculum, SACE, VCE and IB as well as analysing and practicing test and exam questions.


Golden Key Education will establish a course progress record for each student in order to check their learning progress and homework weekly. To ensure students have access to additional learning opportunities, every teacher will post worksheets and other useful resources on the Forum every week. Teachers are also happy to provide prompt feedback to parents who require a deeper insight into the students’ learning progress and behaviour in class.

Golden Key provides accelerated courses for students in both primary school years 1-7 and secondary school years 8-12. Our specialized courses are aimed at helping students understand school curricula content in depth and providing specialized content based on the specific requirements of the students. Our courses are also designed to increase student interest in their studies, thereby enabling students to boost their learning to higher levels and improve the competitiveness of students in both examinations and scholarship competitions etc.

Students' Reviews

  • Abby shi riemxios@gmail.com
    Ms. Mandy has been really patient with me and he really unlock my full potential with her well expressed knowledge in mathematics,helped me in year 12 studies and really contribute a lot in helping receiving a better outcome.
    Abby shi riemxios@gmail.com
  • Zoe Gomez zoesgomez@gmail.com
    I began with Pan in year 11, hoping to boost my grade and prepare myself for year 12 mathematical studies and he did just that! as well as convince me to do specialist mathematics in year 12, something I never thought I was capable of. I was able to complete both maths in year 12 with almost straight As, and a deep understanding and love for maths. Pan is truly dedicated to mathematics, and to his students, and always comes to each lesson with great material, knowledge of the subjects, and great enthusiasm. I could not give him higher praise, and I strongly recommend him as a tutor.
    Zoe Gomez zoesgomez@gmail.com
  • Carlie carliefrantzis@gmail.com
    Mr Vincent Wang was a fantastic year 12 maths tutor. He provided me with a great range of resources and continuously worked through difficult questions, which significantly improved my confidence and hence my grades. He simplified difficult questions and improved my outlook towards maths. Mr Wang has a very patient and caring nature and will always encourage you to achieve your best. I would recommend him to any students looking to improve their maths grade.
    Carlie carliefrantzis@gmail.com
  • Alex Steinert taniasteinert1@bigpond.com
    With maths being my weakest subject, I searched for a tutor and came across Pan. He's available nearly all the time, and if you're personally not available for any reason, he does he best to schedule around yours. Didn't score under a B for a single test throughout the year after I got in contact with him (Scored A's in topics outside of calculus). I highly recommend Pan to anyone having a hard time with maths, especially in year 12. Great value for money and literally made my Maths exam the easiest out of all of them. His direct teaching techniques ensured I wasn't surprised by anything in the exam, couldn't have asked for more. Alex
    Alex Steinert taniasteinert1@bigpond.com
  • Jay Green greenjay1990@yahoo.com
    Mr. Jiang is an absolutely fantastic tutor. He is really knowledgeable and supportive. He has helped me out so much with spec and methods this year. Lots of difficult concepts are made easy with his tutoring. I have finally achieved an A+ in methods and A in spec. Thank you for all your help Mr. Jiang.
    Jay Green greenjay1990@yahoo.com
  • Praveen De Silva praveendesilva1993@gmail.com
    There aren't any questions that Mr Pan cannot answer in his subjects( Maths specialist and maths studies). He simply knows the answer to every single question. He's got a great sense of humour and is fun to work with. His preparation prior to the lesson is just unbelievable . Mr Pan is one of the best tutors that you could ever imagine of having.
    Praveen De Silva praveendesilva1993@gmail.com
  • Pallavi pallavi.kaushik@hotmail.com
    God I was going to give on maths this year as my grades were no way near what I expected them to be. After trying few maths tutor I was discouraged as their teaching style did not suit me and I would have quite maths if my dad hadn't introduced Mr Pan to me. not only did my percentage for each maths test boast up , my confidence level with doing mathematics came back. I felt good about myself. Mr pan truly dedicated himself to each of his students and helped me with my DI as well. his friendly and enthusiastic approach to the sessions made it easier for me to ask questions and clear my doubts. the difference between my first test (66%) and last test (87%) is very significant and I must say this is Mr Pan's hard work. he has worked twice as hard as I have this year to reach the goals that i previously thought were impossible. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO GREAT MR PAN!
    Pallavi pallavi.kaushik@hotmail.com
  • David TANG dvt629@hotmail.com
    Suo Pan he is a amazing teacher who loves teaching soul and stays in endless enthusiastic. Under his influence I establish the confidence and take interested in maths. From life point of view, Mr Pan he is not only a teacher but also a mentor. David Tang
    David TANG dvt629@hotmail.com
  • Steven steven33456@hotmail.com
    He is an active, cheerful and polite man. His's teaching style is just awesome!! I love working with him and I have been working with for a year. A very successful and fun year with him. he will provide a lot of extra information that you might not get from the teacher. he is an extremely responsible man for lessons, he never late unless there are some traffic jam. my result are rapidly tending to a B. i was a C's student from the beginning of the year. he really helps a lot. Furthermore, he treats students as friends and he cares about us. As a Yr 12 student which has a busy schedule, he will try his best to fit-in our schedule. I must say every student should appreciate this at all. thankyou for teaching. cheers Steven
    Steven steven33456@hotmail.com
  • Quang Tran 23042@eynesbury.sa.edu.au
    One of the best tutors. He not only teaches content based knowledge but additionally provides an in depth understanding, allowing students to have a profound grasp of each topic which is crucial to tests and exam time. Pan is always prepared to help and is very generous with his care and time, making sure his students achieve the best possible grade.
    Quang Tran 23042@eynesbury.sa.edu.au
  • Jake Whitehead jake.whitehead.67@hotmail.com
    Absolutely fantastic. Words cannot describe the assistance that Pan provided me with throughout 2016. His knowledge and understanding of key mathematical concepts with are crucial within the SACE mathematics courses is outstanding. His support throughout the year was crucial to my success and I would highly recommend Pan for any student who is looking to maximise their ATAR potential.
    Jake Whitehead jake.whitehead.67@hotmail.com
  • Shine Wang 36332@pac.edu.au
    Thanks for all Golden Key tutors this year, which has been instrumental to such great success I’ve had this year. My 99.95 ATAR is the ultimate reward. I am very grateful to you and all of the other tutors that I’ve had this year Mr. Pan, Mr. Guo, Mr. Jiang, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Mandy – each has helped me so much in all of my academic pursuits for 2018. I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope to catch up with you in person in the new year. Should you require anything else from me, please don’t hesitate to ask!
    Shine Wang 36332@pac.edu.au
  • Thao Tran thaotrann@outlook.com
    Pan is a very kind and helpful tutor who has not only helped me in my Mathematical studies for the past two years (Year 11 and 12), but also given me a lot of support as a mentor. He genuinely cares about the success of his students, and is willing to take all the free time he has to give extra lessons if we do not understand certain aspects of what we are learning. His constant dedication to his students is shown through the excellent results and improvements that all of his students past and present have achieved. I am so happy that I found Pan as a tutor, as I do not know if I could have done so well without his continuous support and highly recommend him to any student that is struggling in Maths or even needs a bit of help in any topic in Maths. Thank you so much Pan! :)
    Thao Tran thaotrann@outlook.com
  • Achuthan Venkatesan metatech32@gmail.com
    Supportive, dedicated tutor who was easy to understand and helpful with all of my challenges in Maths. Thank you Mike
    Achuthan Venkatesan metatech32@gmail.com
  • Carlie carliefrantzis@gmail.com
    Mr Guo was a fantastic year 12 maths tutor. He provided me with a great range of resources and continuously worked through difficult questions, which significantly improved my confidence and hence my grades. He simplified difficult questions and improved my outlook towards maths. Mr Guo has a very patient and caring nature and will always encourage you to achieve your best. I would definitely recommend him to any students looking to improve their maths grade.
    Carlie carliefrantzis@gmail.com
  • Sahil Goel sahil99gl@gmail.com
    Absolutely phenomenal teacher who has an extensive and deep understanding of every mathematical concept. Pan is able to explain the theory behind mathematical workings which is key to having the best preparation for tests and final exams. He is also able to provide support with assignments, allowing students to reach their potentials and perform at their highest abilities. Complex concepts are explained in detail and with ease, allowing students to understand and grasp a concept very quickly.
    Sahil Goel sahil99gl@gmail.com