Our Teachers

Mr. Pan (Jason)
Teachers Registration Number: 603828
Principal; Academic Director

Jason is the principal of Golden Key Education. A registered mathematics teacher, Jason holds a master's degree in teaching and a bachelor's degree in computer science and applied mathematics from the University of South Australia.

Through his teaching engagements at a number of high schools across South Australia and Victoria, Jason has accumulated a rich teaching experience and developed an acute appreciation of the pedagogical factors that contribute to effective learning environments.

With Golden Key, Jason has developed a philosophy toward teaching that emphasizes critical thinking, logic reasoning and applied problem-solving capabilities. That teaching philosophy is embedded in every classroom - our teachers take it upon themselves to guide students in thinking rationally, creatively, and profoundly. It is a formula that enables each child to approach their studies in language, mathematics and the sciences with utmost confidence.

Jason’s specialisation is with SACE/VCE/IB mathematics. He provides students with competencies analysis, summarizing key knowledge and developing mock exams with a high degree of predictive accuracy. He works closely with Golden Key’s content and teaching staff to formulate comprehensive and customised teaching plans for students across a wide spectrum of capabilities.

As principal of Golden Key Education, Jason leads a team of dedicated and motivated teachers who work tirelessly to support and manage the learning needs of 300+ students enrolled in our programs annually. And the results are just as one would expect with most of our year 12 students achieving ATAR rankings of 95+.

Golden Key Education has built an extensive network of alumni with a large number of former students having graduated from their higher education to lead successful careers in dentistry, medicine, law and engineering. With our legacy as our pedigree, the Golden Key team under Jason’s leadership continues to working tirelessly to build one of Australia's flagship education and training institution.

Mr. Guo (Eric)
Teachers Registration Number: 603784
Secondary Physics and Chemistry Coordinator; Accelerated Program Coordinator; Maths & Science Teacher

Mr. Guo (Eric) is a highly experienced registered teacher, with a Master in Clinical Medicine from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a Master in Education from the University of South Australia. He has worked at several public and private schools as a Math and Science teacher for nine years and is currently teaching in a public secondary school in Adelaide.

With an exhaustive knowledge in academic literature, Eric excels at explaining profound concepts in simple terms whilst always guiding students to think from multiple aspects and views to better analyse questions and grasp key points. In doing so, Eric helps students to establish effective ways of thinking and efficient problem-solving techniques. In the last few years Eric has also developed a concise and effective review strategy encompassing key concepts in the course curriculum which has enabled students to achieve their desired results. Eric has been successful in helping year 12 students graduate with A+ grades with Merit in Physics and Chemistry and with 99+ ATAR every year. Apart from weekly sessions, Eric organizes and delivers a range of highly acclaimed workshops every year, such as Stage 2 revision workshops, academic writing workshops and Mathematical thinking workshops to help students achieve the best results.

Mr. Jiang(Mike)
Teachers Registration Number: 609287
Secondary Maths Coordinator; Headstart Program Coordinator; Maths & Science Teacher

Mr. Jiang (Mike) is a highly experienced registered teacher who has worked in both Woodcroft College and Endeavour College as a full-time Senior Mathematics and Physics teacher.

With more than seven years of both teaching and tutoring experience, Mike has tutored hundreds of students successfully in both SACE and IB Mathematics and Physics (HL & SL) subjects and eventually achieved A+ Merits (SACE) and Band 7 (IB) respectively. Especially for students who need help in Mathematics Investigation and Physics SHE task and lab reports, IB IA reports etc., Mike uses his deep understandings in the performance standards and often apply his engineering experience assisting students in demonstrating more advanced ideas in their reports. Based on his tutoring experience from past years, Mike loves to analyse the most frequent type of questions being asked in the past exams and make reliable exam predictions. He is not only capable of explaining complicated Mathematics and Physics concepts by using concise and simple terms but also creating a positive and interesting studying environment to stimulate students’ willingness to learn more knowledge.

Mrs. Liu (Hannah)
Teachers Registration Number: 613521
Primary Maths & Science Coordinator; Secondary Maths and Physics Teacher

Ms. Liu (Hannah) is a highly experienced registered teacher in South Australia. She holds an undergraduate double degree in teaching and science, as well as a master’s degree in Education. During her undergraduate study, Hannah majored in physics and applied Mathematics; during the master's period, she conducted academic research on teaching philosophy, teaching methodology and social issues involved in education.

During her study, she has accumulated extensive theoretical knowledge of lesson preparation, teaching and after-school tutoring. As a senior Mathematics and Science teacher in Golden Key Education, Hannah is familiar with the existing SACE and IB syllabus and key contents, and has accumulated rich practical teaching experience. She has helped hundreds of students to carry out effective exam revision, as well as helping students to obtain A+ in Mathematics investigation and Physics SHE task and practical report. Among those, a number of students have obtained A+ or A+ Merit in Mathematics or physics as their final results. Hannah is good at explaining concepts and contents of Mathematics and Physics from different angles, as well as helping students to understand and solve difficult problems effectively and patiently.

Dr. Wang (Vincent)
Secondary Biology Coordinator; Chemistry & Physics teacher

With more than 7 years’ experience in teaching middle school students Biology, Chemistry, and Science, Vincent graduated from the University of Adelaide and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honours in Biomedicine. Many of his year 12 graduates achieved 90+ in their ATAR, many of whom also achieved full marks in Biology and Chemistry. The majority of them successfully entered the fields of medicine in University. Vincent has a flexible way of teaching and is especially good at integrating theoretical concepts with practice.

Mr. Huang(Justin)
Teachers Registration Number: 601280
EAL Coordinator; Maths & English Teacher

Mr. Huang is a highly experienced registered teacher in South Australia working in a public school. He completed both Master of Teaching degree and Master of Education degree in Adelaide.

With 15-year teaching experience in Beijing and Adelaide, Mr. Huang has a well understanding of both Chinese and Australian National Curriculum. He is good at teaching Mathematical reasoning and English as an Additional Language and Dialect to international students. He knows well about the second language acquisition, advanced teaching theory and focuses on students’ achievement. Mr. Huang has an extremely effective way of improving students’ learning, speaking, reading and writing. He is also familiar with Research Project and how to instruct students to write academically. Mr. Huang has accumulated rich experience to assist international students in exam revision sessions hold by Golden Key Education. A number of students have obtained A+ as their final result. The main research Mr. Huang conducted was how to effectively improve classroom teaching and has provided students with effective and efficient ways of improving their English level and exam results.

Mr. Nick Li
Primary Science Co-coordinator; Secondary Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Dr Li completed his PhD in Genetics from University of South Australia in 2018 and had been a leukemia researcher in one of the renowned cancer research institute for over 8 years. Nick has been teaching in the university and has more than 7 years of experience in teaching primary and secondary school Science subjects and IB and SACE Biology and Chemistry subjects. He is also our Magic Science coordinator for primary school sector at Golden Key Education. Being a teacher and researcher who has hands-on experience in the field, Nick excels in breaking down difficult concepts into simpler terms and enrich the learning experience with daily life examples on how the knowledge can be applied. Nick is also skilled in strategic training of students the scientific methods of thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential developments for students to achieve high performance in any science subject in the long term.

Mr. Alex McCartney
English / EAL / English Literary Studies Coordinator

Master of Teaching (Secondary); Bachelor of Psychological Science with a minor in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics + Honours in Psychology + Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).

Mr. Alex McCartney works full-time at Golden Key Education to help coordinate English and EAL for all year levels; R-12. With 8 years of teaching experience, his main areas of expertise include English, EAL, Psychology, Research Project, Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, Selective-Entrance Scholarship exams, writing, grammar, and comprehension skills. As a teacher, he is patient and understanding of all students regardless of their age, background, or pre-existing abilities.

Mr. McCartney’s teaching philosophy is that “practice makes perfect.” English is a challenging subject because it requires close attention and focus at all times. Answers are rarely ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; in fact, they can always be improved. Consequently, only those who listen, focus, and put in full effort will achieve perfect results. This means continuing to try and completing all homework, through the ‘fun’ reading, planning, and writing stages and also the ‘boring’ editing stage at last. Although some parts may be difficult, Mr. McCartney will walk each student through step-by-step, and try to motivate them continually throughout their journeys to success.

Ms. Zoe Gomez
Research Project Coordinator / English & IPP teacher

Zoe Gomez is currently studying a Double Degree in Computer Science and Literature at the University of Adelaide, and has recently returned from studying abroad at the distinguished University of Glasgow. She completed high school with an ATAR of 99.0 with two merit awards for Research Project and Information Processing and Publishing. She was the top achiever in Research Project at her school, and was asked by members of SACE to be a guest speaker at the Research Project Expo to speak about her project and experiences. Zoe also studied Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Studies while in year 12, and is very passionate about STEM education and young women in STEM. She has achieved high results in English Studies with full marks on many of her assignments and still continues to study english and research-based subjects at university. Zoe is an experienced tutor at Golden Key and has guided many of her students towards success in Research Project, English Studies, and EAL, with her thorough knowledge of the courses, extremely detailed drafting, and by creating personal connections with her students.

Mr. Gao (Jeff)
Academic Coordinator (Melbourne Campus))

Jeff has been providing tutoring services to IB, ACER Scholarship, UCAT/GAMSAT, SAT/AP/IGSCE and undergraduate students since 2003. He assists students with lesson planning, curriculum-based coursework and accelerated learning. Learning is an organic and dynamic process. Jeff strives to nurture students and guide them towards developing their own unique style of analytical reasoning, comprehension and critical thinking. His methods stand out in that they seek to build on the student's aptitude in applied problem solving as opposed to mechanical rote learning. A fundamental focus towards building a solid set of core competencies gives students the confidence they need to excel and realise their aspirations. Jeff’s teaching philosophy for academic success:

• Rigorous application of learning outcomes and principles based on the current study design.
• Problem-based learning and asymmetric methodology to encourage and empower original thinking.
• Build confidence through practice; replace rote learning with enlightened understanding.
• Advanced problem solving and analytical techniques for science, maths and humanities.

Mr. Wang (William)
Teachers Registration Number: 615051
Secondary Maths and HASS teacher

Mr. Wang (William) has a Master degree of Secondary Teaching (Mathematics) from UniSA and a bachelor degree of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Hunan University. William is a highly experienced registered teacher who has worked in The Heights School and Samaritan College as a full-time Junior Science and Senior Mathematics teacher. With many years of tutoring and teaching experience, William has tutored and helped many Year 11 and 12 students achieve their learning potential in Mathematics successfully since 2018. William is also our AMC coordinator for primary school sector at Golden Key Education. He is good at tutoring Australian Mathematics Competition, encouraging and helping students foster well-developed logical thinking and critical thinking. With the learning plans specifically designed for Junior students, their mathematical learning will be connected to Australian Curriculum tightly. William is also skilled in developing students’ mathematical thinking, cultivating students’ interests in learning maths, analysing and solving mathematical questions from different ways.

Ms. Song (Yang)
Teachers Registration Number: 614833
Chemistry, Maths and Science Teacher

Yang is a fully registered teacher in South Australia. She holds a Master Degree of Teaching from UniSA. She studied Chemistry (Teaching) for her Bachelor Degree. During the past five years, Yang has been involved in teaching in various ways. In 2019, she was employed as a Year 11 Chemistry and Mathematics teacher in the school where she completed her Uni placement, during which time, she built great work relationships; she also gained much experience in preparing Teaching and Leaning Plan and in implementing it. She always reflects on her teaching practice and seeks feedback from students and fellow colleagues in order to better help students in their learning journey. She values the importance of student-centred teaching practice. Therefore, she always tailors her teaching plans to meet students’ individual learning needs.

Mr. Pan (Bryant)
Teachers Registration Number: 613957
Secondary Maths and Science Teacher

Mr. Pan (Bryant) is a highly experienced registered teacher with qualifications including: A Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering (honour) of University of Adelaide and a teaching degree for Maths and Science of Central Queensland University. He is currently teaching Maths and Science subjects at a private school in Adelaide. Bryant is good at explaining and clarifying concepts including difficult ones in a variety of ways and his teaching style is relaxed, humorous, sometimes fast-paced, without being overly casual. Teaching is his passion, he is constantly refining his teaching skills and has full confidence that he can drive all students to achieve their academic goals. Bryant teaches accelerated programs in Maths and Physics for middle school students at Golden Key Education.

Ms. Wu (Andrea)
Teachers Registration Number: 617213
Secondary Economic Coordinator; Maths Teacher

Ms. Wu (Andrea) is a highly experienced registered teacher. She holds a Master of Teaching from the University of Adelaide, and a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from Peking University in China. Andrea has accumulated experience with both primary and secondary students due to her tutoring experience at Golden Key Education and teaching in different schools in South Australia.

Having been heavily involved in Maths, Economics and English throughout her education, Andrea enjoys sharing her understandings and learning skills about subjects such as Maths, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting and ESL. She is good at providing tailored teaching plans based on different learning styles of each student.

Ms. Jiang (Ann)
Secondary SACE/IB Business Teacher, Maths & English Teacher

Ms. Jiang (Ann) is a qualified secondary teacher with near 6 years of teaching experience in the areas of Maths, English, HASS and Business. She graduated from the University of Adelaide and obtained her undergraduate double degree with arts and teaching (Maths and HASS). Ann has been teaching and tutoring in schools and has great experience in teaching primary and secondary school Maths subjects, IB and SACE Business and English & HASS courses. Rich student learning and deep understanding is the main goal of her teaching and she believe that sound knowledge of teaching subjects and good understanding of curriculum is the key to providing a rich and interesting learning experience for students. As a teacher, Ann values the importance of student-centered teaching strategies. She believed each student will learn most effectively in different ways, which must be appreciated to properly differentiate teaching. She always looking for new ways to differentiate her teaching to improve its effectiveness, and to innovate and integrate technology into lessons.

Ms. Sally Xu
Teachers Registration Number: 614099
Secondary Maths Teacher

Sally holds a double degree of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Teaching from the University of Adelaide. She is currently teaching Mathematics in a private school in Adelaide. Her teaching philosophy is to deliver student-focused lessons with a wide range of teaching resources to maximize students’ learning outcomes. One of her strength is to incorporate personalised assessments to deliver high quality lessons. As a result, students’ academic performance has been highly improved during her teaching period.

Ms. Li (Esther)
Teachers Registration Number: 615220
Secondary Maths and Chemistry Teacher

Esther is teaching at Adelaide public schools and has a Master of Teaching (Secondary) from UniSA and a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry Teaching), specialising in Science and SACE Chemistry. She is a highly flexible teacher and exceptionally good at ‘reading students’ mind and mood’ as her guide to construct and adjust her teaching for individual learners’ needs and pace. She also aims at exploring every student’s uniqueness and learning habits, which could help train students into a self-improved and productive learner. Her teaching philosophy has won her much praise and favour from colleagues and students, including an all ‘outstanding’ result in her final teaching placement. Benefiting from being a Cantonese and Mandarin native speaker, she could even deliver lessons in different languages if required.

Ms. Zhao (Crystal)
Secondary Maths & Accounting Teacher

Ms. Zhao (Crystal) is a teacher with a double degree of Bachelor of teaching and Bachelor of Mathematics and computer science. She is dedicated in helping students with their mathematics and accounting.

With more than 2 years of tutoring experience, Crystal has helped many students gained huge improvements in their academic studies. She is qualified in any mathematical subjects in SACE such as General Maths, Maths Method and Specialist Maths. She is also capable of helping students with their Mathematics Investigation and Accounting Financial reports using her in-depth understanding of the performance standards as well as her study experiences. With her outstanding studying and working experiences, Crystal has the ability and potential to achieve her pursuit. During her teaching period, she made every effort to create the atmosphere of trust with students, which helped her to communicate with every student to identify obstacles and help them overcome difficulties. Crystal loves to motivate students’ interest and curiosity when they study knowledge, she always integrates some creativities in her teaching methods for different learners. Her strong sense of responsibility enabled her to take care of every student and helping them improving their studies.

Mr. Tian (Usher)
Primary and Secondary Maths & Science Teacher

Usher holds a Master of Teaching (Secondary) from the University of South Australia, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Science, and a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics). He taught in public schools in China for 5 years. During the last 2 years, he has worked as a teacher and private tutor in Maths, Science, and Physics. The students he has tutored are with diverse study backgrounds from primary to secondary year levels. In his tutorials, he is good at identifying study features of students and cultivating positive learning habits and efficient study methods. In his interaction with students, he values encouragement in reinforcing their confidence to guarantee a strong motivation for study in a long term.

Jamie Ang
Teachers Registration Number: 615300
Secondary Maths & Science Teacher

Jamie Ang is a qualified secondary teacher with near 5 years of tutoring experience in the areas of Science and Math. She earned her Master of Teaching Degree in Biology and TESOL from University of South Australia (2018) and her Bachelor of Honours in Microbiology at National University of Malaysia (2011). Her teaching experience in different countries allow her to blend and execute effective learning and teaching methods from East and West. Through inclusive instruction and experiential learning, she is driven to help students achieve personal success and overcome barriers that impact their learning.

Mr. Trimboli (Mark)
Teachers Registration Number: 605260
English Studies and English Literacy Teacher; Research Project teacher

Mark Trimboli is an experienced, qualified and registered South Australian Teacher (Teachers Registration 605260) who has 20 years experience teaching students from Early primary, Primary, Middle school, right through to year 12 - both in private and DECD schools. He is qualified to teach English, History and HASS. Mark also has extensive experience teaching university students and migrant adult learners with English as a second/other language. Mark feels that every student can achieve their very best when they are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. Mark also believes student engagement is achieved by kind and professional support from the teacher in the classroom and online.

Ms. Stewart (Katherine)
Teachers Registration Number: 607981
English Studies and English Literacy Coordinator; Research Project teacher

Mrs Katherine Stewart is an experienced registered teacher in Adelaide, South Australia. She teaches English Studies, EAL/ESL, Humanities and Research Project. Mrs Stewart has 4 year experience in both the public and private schooling systems and thoroughly enjoy working with young people to help them achieve their goals and ambitions. She also has rich experience teaching IELTS and has helped many students to be achieved. Mrs Steward is also familiar with Research Project and how to instruct students to write academically.