ACER/IGNITE Scholarship Preperation Classes

What are ACER Scholarship/ IGNITE Exam?

There are many scholarships offered by Adelaide schools for both primary and secondary school levels, namely the ACER Scholarship Tests and IGNITE Entry Exams organised by the Australian Council for Education and Research (ACER) and other scholarships such as ALEAP and STEM. The financial stipend rewards to successful students can be substantial, up to 100% of the school fees with approximately $75,800 savings per child over the course of their secondary schooling. As expected, the competition over a scholarship is fierce, and intense preparation from students are certainly required in order to be a competitive candidate in these tests.

For IGNITE entry exams, the test contains 4 main components:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Written Expression

For ACER scholarship, it includes 3 main components:

  • Written Expression
  • Comprehension and Interpretation
  • Mathematics

ACER Scholarship/IGNITE Exam Preparation Programme

In Golden Key Education Tuition Centre located in Adelaide, we have a focused 2-weeks scholarship preparation course started in December/January every year to refine students’ examination skills before partaking the scholarship entry test. However, A narrow focus of optimizing performance for a specific test is ill-advised and doing so does not allow the candidate to develop sustained competitive advantage. We believe that it is only through sustained incremental progression in critical thinking and general reasoning that candidates find the confidence they need to face challenges and uncertainty. Our 3+1 ACER/IGNITE scholarhip preparation programmes, consist of a range of accelerated tuition programmes throughout the year to help students to expand their knowledge, and a consistent training over the year. These include:

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ACER/IGNITE 3+1 Scholarship Preperation Courses
by Golden Key Tuition Centre Adelaide

Enhanced Writing & Communications Programme

The Golden Key’s Enhanced Writing & Communications is our flagship advanced writing program. Enhanced Writing and Communications is a specialised course for improving critical and creative thinking skills. Compared to our standard English, students are required to explain their reasoning for all answers; and expected to analyse a range of different text types on various topics of contemporary interest with an in-depth understanding of literary techniques. These are all inline with the ACER scholarship and IGNITE scholarship programme requirements.

Students are encouraged to take the initiative in discussions, justify viewpoints and make positive and constructive contributions to the class. These classes are guided by a native English-speaking teacher to facilitate with writing support and provide detailed feedback on the writing assignments given out every week. Students will investigate different types of literatures, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual texts.

The course is suitable for students from year 3 to year 9, and students have a choice between both face-to-face and online delivery. 1.5 hours lesson per week with up to 8 students per class. Students are required to submit their writing homework online, and therefore, access to a computer or laptop with internet access are required.


Mathematics for Competition & Reasoning Programme

Critical thinking and reasoning aptitude play a core and definitive role in competitive academia, and that is especially so for the mathematic component in ACER scholarship and IGNITE scholarship. This programme is designed as a journey to provide curious students with a satisfying learning experience and the systematic processes we employ to custom that learning experience.

This course aims to improve general reasoning aptitude through a forum of thinking skills training: for example, divergent thinking, reverse thinking, and spatial thinking. The course is designed to train students to think rationally, creatively, and profoundly and, by extension, raise their interest, confidence and awareness across Mathematics, the Sciences and Humanities.

This course is an ambitious two-year program (35 lessons per academic calendar year, 1.5 hours per lesson) that covers curricula content under the Australian Curriculum as well as AMT syllabi. The content is structured across three interlocking fields of study:

  • Number theory and algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data and statistics

Magic Science & Scientific Reasoning

Magic Science & Scientific Reasoning (MS&R) is a dynamic and immersive course covering new domains of experiences for both primary and secondary students. As consistent with the stage of cognitive development, it aims to help students developing conceptual models and essential skills for succeeding learnings. Students will build their Abstract Reasoning, Literacy Capability, Numeracy Capability & Critical & Creative Thinking with this course. It is especially useful for students looking to take part in the IGNITE scholarship programme.

The course is suitable for students from year 2 to year 9, with difficulty of concepts involved increases every year. 1.5 hours lesson per week and one learning cycle per academic year, each learning cycle focus on one of the four main science subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Earth Science

One hands-on experiment per lesson in a small group class up to 8 students, all teaching materials are included with live support over Microsoft Teams or WeChat.

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ACER Scholarship/IGNITE Exam Preparation Class

The ACER Scholarship Preparation Programme is an intense 2-weeks programme to acutely prepare the students for the ACER/IGNITE scholarship entry exam. In every lesson there will be a range of questions, exercises and/or practice tests to help students to improve their standard and followed by regular homework and mock exams. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will not only teach and test students on various aspects that are relevant to the test, but also provides tips on time management and skills in effectively analysing and answering questions in a test.Due to the high demand and limited seats, students are required to take an entry test before enrolling into the ACER Scholarship Preparation Programme. Please contact Golden Key Education Tuition Centre to arrange the entry test.

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